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Don’t start! Won’t start.

It happened for the second time today…

For a while now the car has been running really well. Excepting that “really well” is a relative term. Once I got over the non-runner bump in this project the car has never failed to start. Apparently even when the garage were taking the fuel tank in and out and changing the fuel hoses it always started okay.

But then, a few weeks ago, one morning, the car failed to start. Not wanting to annoy my neighbour I took the other car to work. Arriving home I tried the 924 immediately, it started first time. That morning, and since then, I have been filming the startups since then. The video below has a few samples.

In the video there is one attempt where the engine clunks once before starting, I am keen to know what that is. I tried filming from underneath the car to see whether I could hear the fuel pump, but the car just started. Today, as with the first time, the car started immediately when I tried it in the evening.

This morning I did change the DME relay, but it made no difference. I also cleaned up the HT leads and tried some damp start. Did nothing – although it is quite hard to get it into the airbox.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


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