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Taxing time

A minor rant this one. Sorry.

I finally had an MOT for the car and despite other issues I wanted it road legal and ready to drive as soon as possible. I collected my documents from the garage and applied for my car tax online. First off I will say I am impressed with the DVLA’s car tax portal [prices aside], the way it checks MOT and insurance details is very good indeed. I selected 6 months’ tax to keep it out of synch with the MOTs for the 924S and my other car [and Christmas]. Proceeding through to check out I was told it would take up to 5 days to receive…

New Tax Disk

Obviously I don’t like paying tax but I was very happy to receive the above, with what it stood for. Anyway, the rant…

I bought the car in April 2011. The previous owner was a trader, although it was a private car, which he’d owned since January 2008. When my the car arrived, putting the paperwork aside, I got on with the business of trying to fix it. Days later, about the time I was wondering if the car was SORN, the V5 arrived. My 924S was mine, officially.

So why one earth was it that the DVLA’s web site, which reconciles information for 2 third party databases, issued me a warning after I bought the above car tax. In bold red text I was informed that I may be subject to a fine for my car not being taxed or SORN’d since 2008. What? The system “knows” that I have only owned the car for a number of months and surely the car not being taxed should have been mentioned when the V5 arrived.

I know that the MOT system, while now linked to the DVLA is separate from it and that the insurance data is collected by the DVLA from a external parties but the car tax data is registered directly with the DVLA as is the vehicle registration data. Yes there is a due diligence issue on my part, but I’ve never SORN a vehicle before, I don’t know how it works. The information is there, DVLA, please help me out.

I haven’t heard anything from the DVLA about the missing tax years. Yet. I am hoping this isn’t automated and there is a human element, someone who has reviewed the case and managed to deduce the above chain of events and cut me some slack. At least I hope so. Otherwise in addition to one of the warmest Decembers on record the UK could witness the mother of all hissy fits.


2 thoughts on “Taxing time

  1. I got caught out with a similar thing when I got my 944. It was SORN when I got it but what the DVLA kindly didn’t publicise very well is that they changed the system so that when the car changes hands you now have to re-SORN the vehicle and then SORN it again every year as it now expires. When I discovered this I saw that my car was listed as ‘unlicensed’ so I went to SORN it and got the big red warning on the website.

    This was over a year ago now and haven’t heard anything else from it but since then they’ve actually started to send letters out to confirm the SORN status which suggests they may be making the process a bit more official than previously.

    However there’s some new initiative aiming to save paperwork and money which will scrap the whole yearly renewal of SORN status which will be welcomed with open arms if it ever happens.

    Posted by Rob K | January 4, 2012, 12:59 pm
    • Very pleased to hear you’ve not been contacted, I’m sure they apply a level of common sense to these things. Good move going forward though.

      Will check your blog out when I get a chance, at first glance the 944 looks good!
      (click Rob K’s name above to view)

      Posted by #Project924 | January 4, 2012, 2:49 pm

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