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Another track day video!

Yet more of me driving in circles…

Back to Bedford, this time for an Evo Magazine track evening. It was extremely wet in the day, and there was a big downpour once we got on track. I have mixed feelings about the rain, it is a pain not being able to really go for it, and then, it is probably one of the better ways to practice technique – both for going faster and exceeding the limits of the 924’s grip.

Grip is something of a problem with the little Porsche at the moment. The Hankook Ventus Prime 2s have performed well and the wear is far less than I had expected given the number of track days they’re done. At the same time though, the number of heat cycles the tyres have been through means that the rubber is far beyond its best and subsequently don’t grip at all well in the wet and in dry conditions, heat up and go off rather quickly. I had decided that, for the sake of the tyres, a little rain might not be such a bad thing!

The SPAX coilovers are turned right up, but even with the front a little softer the car is still under-steering in the dry. The balance of the car is still very good and allows for the odd dose of liberty taking.

I have also been playing with the video editing, in the video I have added a little map to the top right corner to indicate where I am on track… it doesn’t move around as quickly as I would like!

I was pleased with the way that the car went and, I have been told, my driving is improving – although from the attempts at cornering I clearly still have some way to go! There is a lot to be said for pushing slightly beyond the limit, it makes for an enjoyable evening, in a car as manageable as the 924 S.


2 thoughts on “Another track day video!

  1. Look like that was a fun evening Matt. I’ve just linked one of your Z4 how to’s for somebody doing a quad conversion.

    Posted by Steve | July 3, 2014, 7:53 pm

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