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Another Bedford Outing

Yes, I’ve been back to Bedford…

Well, if Evo Magazine will keep running these track evenings. It was good one too. Conditions were pretty much spot on; warm, dry and most importantly, not too hot!

I felt I was driving a lot better this time, although possibly a little aggressive in some of the corners, which did show one thing; this car can take so much abuse and still it understeers! I believe this is due to their being no rear anti roll bar. Will find out soon enough, I have a set of 968 ARBs in the garage.

My GoPro decided to have a hissy fit later in the evening so I have just a short clip from the first session of the day – as you will notice from some of the lines this was very much a warm up. That’s not to say I wasn’t getting it to lean into the corners, a little…

I just watched that back again, that really was quite pedestrian compared to the end of the evening!

One element that has surprised me are the brakes, after and initial poor showing, earlier in the year, they have continued to perform consistently, I suspect this is due to the track sessions cleaning up the disks and matching the pads front to rear – I bought the car with EBC reds on the front and greens (hateful things in my experience) on the rear. The pedal does feel a little spongy, but that could be a winter project.


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