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Track Day, Video

Track Time, Videos

The reason I got into this…

It took a while to get started, but I have managed a few track days in the 924 S now, mostly at Bedford Autodrome – which I will be using as a proving ground for any changes to the car, I am beginning to get to know the circuit, plus it’s close to home and very safe! I have also been to Brands Hatch (Indy) and Oulton Park (International), both of the last two GT Porsche track events.

Sadly only Bedford allow suctions mounts. This does mean I need to come up with a fixed mount for the car. Below are a couple of videos from my last Bedford outing, an Evo Magazine track evening.

First video, early on in the evening…

Second video, toward the end of the session and I was getting faster, although I hadn’t tightened the mount sufficiently…

It is safe to say that mine is the slowest car and I am the slowest driver, but I certainly have a lot of fun and the car is incredibly well balanced, if a little rolly.


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