Hopefully some of my own, once I get the car back, and whatever I find on the web that I think’s worth posting. Click the headings to view that video page.

Porsche 924 S Avon Ice Touring ST Winter Tyre Test

I have a set of winter tyres for #Project924 which I got through GT Porsche magazine, as part of the long term fleet. Sadly the car was off the road before the snow arrived, but I had swapped the tyres to F924 and when the snow came I relished it.

Porsche 924S Review – Project924

This was a day I had set aside for working in the garage. Alas it did not happen. Partly due to a lack of sleep and a late start. Mostly due to the fact that I have been wanting to make a video of the 924 for some time. I forgot some of the equipment, so this was all filmed on 1 Kodak Playsport within a small are, so involved a lot of driving in circles.

Need For Speed Porsche – 924/944/968 Chronicle Video

Taken from the Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (Porsche 2000). It’s a video game. Chronicle of the front engined four cylinder Porsches, although the glaring omission is the 924S, but the 924 is in there.

Porsche 911 924 928 Advert

Advert for the early Eighties Porsche range, playing heavily on the badge. Interestingly, there was little between them on the road, running side by side. Not that the cars were being put through their paces, just  the voiceover guy saying the word “Porsche” as much as possible.

Porsche 924 928 Advert – no sound

A little action in this one. The Porsche 924 and 928 on the road, through puddles and down dusty tracks. Alas though, there is no sound on this one… although it would probably be a chap saying “Porsche” a lot. I’d like one with just the pictures and the engine noise.

Collection of Porsche 924 Adverts

Selection of US adverts for the Porsche Nine-Twenty-Four, the original 924, the Turbo and the 924S. If you’ve never considered 924 ownership before these are unlikely to change your mind! Although I did learn something new, in 1986, I think, the Porsche 924S was voted the best handling car in America by Car and Driver magazine!

Top Gear £1500 Porsche Challenge

The oafs are at it again…

The Top Gear boys Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are all given £1500 to buy a second hand Porsche. As the Top gear production team provide a variety of challenges to put their purchases to the test, who will come out victorious as the best bargain buyer, and who will be shown to be the worst at selecting a vintage (and cheap!) Porsche?

Mazda RX7 vs Porsche 924S TV Road Test

A road test from 1985 more RX7 than 924S but worth a look for the fashions alone, not entirely sure why we needed so many zips on jackets back then.

Wheeler Dealers – Porsche 924

Someone has kindly posted on YouTube, the complete episode is there although with subtitles – not English subtitles for Mike and Edd, useful content all the same.

It is assumed that all videos posted by third parties have secured the necessary rights to post and share the footage.


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