Facts & Figures

About the 924S

While the blog will be about my 924S and my experiences with it, the Facts & Figures section will provide technical information and data about the cars itself. Additional data will be added over time, but to begin…

A [very] Brief History of the Porsche 924

1972 – determining that the 911 has a shelf life of less than 10 years remaining a new direction is decided, front mounted water cooled engine. Development of the 928 begins.
1973 – following the success of the Porsche / VW collaboration on the 914 the two companies discussed a 2+2 coupe which VW wanted to add to it’s lineup. Porsche began development of the car financed by VW.
1974 – prompted largely by the oil crisis VW drop the project. Porsche liked it. Porsche bought it.
1975 – Production starts on the 924 – a front engined 2+2 coupe, developed with a transaxle for improved weight distribution and powered by an Audi 2.0l I4 from the Audi 100 (not the LT van, where the engine was also used) through an Audi gearbox.
1979 – the 924 Turbo was introduced to give the car the performance many felt it deserved.
1980 – intercooler and a flared bodykit added to the 924 Turbo produced the Carrera GT. You know, for racing.
1982 – following the format of the 924, Porsche launch the 944 with a Porsche 2.5l I4 and body styling cues from the Carrera GT.
1984 – issues for Porsche as Audi stop production of the 2.0l engine used in the 924.
1985 – Porsche launch the 924S with a detuned version of the 2.5l 944 engine, at 150bhp.
1988 – update to the 924S, engine given the full 160bhp.
1988 – The End.

Checking with How Many Left? there are 212 manual and 19 auto 924Ss left on the UK roads, at the time of writing.

The car in the blog is the 1986 150BHP 924S. In Guard’s Red. Which, at the time of writing this, I have yet to drive further than the MOT centre.


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