Car Data

Dimensions, technical and performance data

Info scrounged up from a number of places.

Porsche 924S 1986 / 1987 1988
Engine Displacement 2479cc
Cylinders 4
Power (bhp) 150 @ 5,800rpm 160 @ 5,900rpm
Torque (Nm) 195 @ 3,000rpm 214 @ 4,500rpm
Rev Limit (cutoff) 6,500rpm 6,640rpm
Compression Ratio 9.7:1 10.2:1
Fuel 91 RON 95 RON
Manual Auto Manual Auto
Maximum Speed 134mph 134mph 137mph 136mph
Acceleration 0-62mph 8.5sec 10.0sec 8.2sec 9.5sec
Standing Quarter Mile 16.2sec 17.2sec 15.9sec 16.9sec
Weight 1,190kg 1,240kg
Length 4,212mm
Width 1,685mm
Height 1,275mm
Turning Circle 10.3m
Fuel Tank Capacity 66l incl. 9l reserve
Engine oil capacity 6.0l
Gearbox oil capacity 2.0l manual / 6.0l auto

The above is specifically for the 924S not the 924 range, although there may be common elements.


One thought on “Car Data

  1. john USA- I bought an 88 last week. it was a Canadian car kilometer speedometer. stuck on 140000km, unknown when or how long its been out. the car is a beast! Im going to be doing all of the workmyself. found your blog. hope we can connect and I can bounce ideas off of you. There is not enough good material available online. thanks JOHN

    Posted by john | May 11, 2014, 3:25 am

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