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Carfection Front Engined Porsches Video

I know it has been a little (okay, long) while since may last post on here, I have to confess the SC has been getting most of my attention, and any 924 updates have been going in my GT Porsche updates, I will try and change that. However I, finally, have something new to share!

Last year, November, I was asked by Rich from MotorPunk if I wouldn’t mind taking the 924 S up to Donnington Park to do some filming for a feature they were doing for Carfection, on the front engined Porsche coupes that saved Porsche. Of course! We were using a small circuit by the launch pad – for car launches, nothing to do with outer space, sadly.  I handed over the keys to Rich and let him get on with his bits, and then was asked to go and drive around so they could get some exterior shots. That was fun! My favorite bit was hooning around the corner at about 3:34, wheels spinning bouncing off the limiter. Well, one wheel spinning… no LSD.

When I first gave the keys to Rich, who owns the 968 in the film, he told me he was going to take it easy and leave the fun stuff to me… I told him not to be soft and just get on with it! When he came back in he admitted that once he got going he couldn’t resist chucking it around a bit. He found it a lot of fun, I think due to the setup, softer at the front than the rear makes it feel a little lively!

This was a long day but a lot of fun to be a part of, and great to see a little recognition for the little 924 S.


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