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Sprint Trial

Sprint Trial

It has been a very long time since my last update, largely because I have been distracted by other things – cars and such – but am pleased to report the 924 S is still going well with little more than routine maintenance. About the only upgrade has been the exhaust, now a Dansk stainless … Continue reading


  • Full details to follow in a post about the alternator, but basically, picked a couple nuts up from AFN Porsche in Reading, no charge! They're only cheap but that made my day. Seemed like decent people too.
  • A new photo and video section had been added! Minimal so far, but will be built up over time. Photos & Videos menu > or link here.
  • Car Data: dimensions, technical and performance data added to Facts & Figures menu > or link here.


This site is devoted to my 924 S and its hopeful restoration and use on track. Perhaps a full on track project. The blogs are about the work on the car and hopefully my progress with it. I don't have a mechanical background and I am about as much of a writer as I am a mechanic. Could be interesting.

There are also pages for general information about the 924 S which I will post as I gather it, stored in Facts & Figures.

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