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Another track day video!

Another track day video!

Yet more of me driving in circles… Back to Bedford, this time for an Evo Magazine track evening. It was extremely wet in the day, and there was a big downpour once we got on track. I have mixed feelings about the rain, it is a pain not being able to really go for it, … Continue reading


  • Full details to follow in a post about the alternator, but basically, picked a couple nuts up from AFN Porsche in Reading, no charge! They're only cheap but that made my day. Seemed like decent people too.
  • A new photo and video section had been added! Minimal so far, but will be built up over time. Photos & Videos menu > or link here.
  • Car Data: dimensions, technical and performance data added to Facts & Figures menu > or link here.


This site is devoted to my 924 S and its hopeful restoration and use on track. Perhaps a full on track project. The blogs are about the work on the car and hopefully my progress with it. I don't have a mechanical background and I am about as much of a writer as I am a mechanic. Could be interesting.

There are also pages for general information about the 924 S which I will post as I gather it, stored in Facts & Figures.

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