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Snow time: 924 S Winter Tyre Test

Time for the Avon Ice Touring STs to step up!

So, a state of national emergency hit in the UK, we had some snow. This caused pain and misery for some, me, I saw an opportunity. I had some winter tyres to test for GT Porsche magazine, for the fleet car. But, with D294’s engine on the garage floor, I needed a stand in, so I swapped the winter tyres onto F924.

I went into work in the morning and watched snow falling from the sky, while everyone else wanted to get home, I wanted some snow to settle to give the car a proper run. You may be glad to hear, I filmed it…

I have to say, I was very impressed, and not just at the price, around £50 a corner. A lot less than buying a Range Rover. The thing that impressed me the most was the hill starts, even on the steep section it picked up without any slipping. The corner where I went in too fast, there was some understeer, but no real drama. I checked my mirror after I straightened up, the X5 behind faired a lot worse!

I have had quite a few comments about the speed test and, to be honest, I wouldn’t drive at that speed normally, but was curious; while I slowed (not in the video) for someone in the road ahead, the car felt very good – I would have bailed had it started to feel wayward. I am not sure if this is a consequence of the narrow (relatively speaking) 195 tyres and the soft suspension?

Would I recommend the Avon Ice Touring ST, hell yes! While the Dunlops on my other car are slightly better, there is a price premium, a premium which is more than the gain in performance, if you need something to get you around in the cold and occasionally the snow, the Avons are a solid buy. I should state at this point that the performance of the winter tyres in normal conditions has been very good – and very impressive in the wet, they slice through standing water.

As an aside, when I stopped on the hill I got out to offer the guy in the Mercedes some help, sure enough the chap in the Land Rover jumped out to offer advice. The advice? “Make sure he’s got his diff locked!” Yes, really.


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