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A new hippo’s head!

I think I may have just fixed oil leak number 1! Of course I don’t know the total number of leaks, I just know what every now and then I find a little deposit of oil under the car. Sometimes not. It was something that I had been expecting when I bought the car, partly … Continue reading

Time peace

In life it seems to be the little things that bother me the most… There are longer term #Project924 objectives, sorting the bodywork, engine and interior, all of which will no doubt need a lot of attention, and I am happy to accept that these will take some time. The little niggles, things that I am sure … Continue reading

I can hear! I can see!

Why is it always the simple jobs that take the longest? The refurbed alternator was back in the car and charging beautifully, with commuting and a few joy rides, that week I passed the 100 mile [without breakdown] mark. I have been taking things gently as the car has been standing for 5 years and I feel needs the engine running in … Continue reading

Breakdown: stop the charge…

Having waited and waited some more I’d been delighted when I got the 924S back… For my first journey I took it work and then to buy some new tyres. Driving back to the office, post tyre fitting, I stopped in a queue at traffic lights and, as I pulled away, I noticed the battery light flicker. … Continue reading

Note: OPC Surprise

Full details to follow in a post about the alternator, but basically, picked a couple nuts up from AFN Porsche in Reading, no charge! They’re only cheap but that made my day. Seemed like decent people too.

Celebrated with some new boots

A phone call I’d been waiting nearly a year for Well, I finally got the call I thought was never going to come, Simon at Hillcrest to say my car was ready! Success for this stage of the project had rested with the fuel tank. The tank supplied on the car had rusted while standing for all those years, … Continue reading

Colour blind

When I tell people I bought a Porsche 924S they respond with, “sweet, the one with the Porsche 2.5 engine.” Actually, that’s a minority response. Most hear ‘Porsche’ and ask, “which one’s that?” I explain. Whether the first response is that of petrolhead or Muggle, what follows next is the same, “what colour is it?” … Continue reading

Note: Photos and Videos Section Added

A new photo and video section had been added! Minimal so far, but will be built up over time. Photos & Videos menu > or link here.

Taxing time

A minor rant this one. Sorry. I finally had an MOT for the car and despite other issues I wanted it road legal and ready to drive as soon as possible. I collected my documents from the garage and applied for my car tax online. First off I will say I am impressed with the DVLA’s … Continue reading

MOT 2 – This time it’s personal

If it was easy, everyone would do it… To date my Porsche ownership experience had been: Delight, I got it running! Apprehension, MOT time. Dejection, it failed the MOT badly. Sadness, facing a potentially huge [relative to the value of the car] project ending welding bill. … I was quoted a maximum of £500 to sort … Continue reading

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