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MOT Time

Time for a little box ticking and certificate receiving Following my inspection and preparation for the MOT I was feeling buoyant! After all, the main problem with the car when I bought it was that it was a non-runner, it had been MOT’d the last time it was running, albeit 3 years prior. So, with … Continue reading

The Prognosis

First impressions and assessment of the car’s road worthiness Following a somewhat slapdash purchasing experience I was in possession of my first Porsche. It was in my garage and I was very happy indeed. Happiness derived from a new toy, a hopefully great car, but largely for the task that lay ahead. I knew the … Continue reading

Note: Car Data added

Car Data: dimensions, technical and performance data added to Facts & Figures menu > or link here.

A lesson in how not to buy a car

The buying process I had added the Porsche 924S to my “Cars to Buy” list. Many of us have car lists, some are potential cars we want to own, others are fantasy lists, preparedness for that lottery win. If you’re new to this form of listing, take a look at PetrolBlog’s Real World Dream Barn. … Continue reading

Why the 924S?

So why did I go for the 924S? Not my specific car, but the Porsche 924 generally. I have to open by confessing that the first time around [c 1980] the 924 pretty much passed me by. Porsche to me [as many others] was the 911, something sparked in me by the black “911 [930] … Continue reading

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