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It’s not pink, it’s Indian Red!

Well, okay, the car mostly looks a whitey pink… When I got the car the paint was in a slightly worse, bloomed, condition than I was expecting, and there were more dents and dings than I wanted. I wasn’t sure which to attend to first, the paint discolouration or the dings. Chatting with @FailCar who … Continue reading

Scrape it. Shape it. Paint it.

Be careful what you bid for… It’s safe to say #Project924 isn’t in the best nick, something I realised pretty early on. With every   panel dented I accepted most were going to need to be filled. A couple however could be removed, the badge panel and the front bumper. Not only were these damaged but … Continue reading

Colour blind

When I tell people I bought a Porsche 924S they respond with, “sweet, the one with the Porsche 2.5 engine.” Actually, that’s a minority response. Most hear ‘Porsche’ and ask, “which one’s that?” I explain. Whether the first response is that of petrolhead or Muggle, what follows next is the same, “what colour is it?” … Continue reading

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